2010 Summer Update 

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So I am actually working on typing up the team diary believe it or not.

I’ve written up most of the entries there’s still some text missing due to it being a photocopy, so I’ma get hold of the original if Blenheim High School still has it!

Once the last few entries are typed up, I will add images to them and release them all to make a kind of magazine story article of epic proportions.

It’s gonna be great!

 Check the posts i’ve published so far: Posts .

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2009 Summer Update 

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The team OKd it and I’ve finally got round to typing up a few entries.

You can see them if you look at the ‘Expedition Team Diary‘ category or see a list of all the posts by date on the posts page.

Oh and i do apologise, I had a few problems when I changed over the URL of posts from …/wce/p=? to www.blue-world.co.uk/wce/2006/07/. All resolved now. Send me a comment if you have any other problems tho!

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2009 January Update 

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Wahey I’ve finally got a copy of the team diary.

I’ve gotta check with the team, but with their agreement I’ll post the team diary here. I’ve written up two entries already, but you can’t access them yet :P

Here’s a screenshot of the 2nd entry:

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Now all but one of the original posts written on Expedition are back up, you might think it’s all over, but hold your horses!

I’ve still got a bit of work to do. Team journal is being written up, i still need to put pics into some posts, and fix the spelling errors caused by the OCR (there are some really terrible posts I noticed :( ).

* Update: *
Have added pictures to FIVE pages sofar:

  1. Trek & Hostel (7th August 2006) [WORK IN PROGRESS]
  2. Today (3rd August 2006)
  3. Update & Preparing for Project phase (22nd July 2006)
  4. Buildup & First Day (21st July 2006)
  5. Today (8th Aug 2006)

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More to come, check back!

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Blue-World News 

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Good news,

  1. The website is back up,
    the photo gallery is back to exactly how it was before: www.blue-world.co.uk/wcephotos
    Check back for updates, I regularly add more!
  2. Paul has very kindly scanned in all the printed blogs I have, and by some bewitchery called OCR I now have the texts, and will be posting them shortly, see below.
    The account of the trip I wrote in country, or at least most of it: here
  3. I have set up a backup system! Yay, clever me!
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