Saturday 22nd July – In transit

22nd July – Ruby again.

Waking up relitivily early we had to get ready to move on from our hostel, Posada del Maple, to Otavalo and then Apuela where our project phase is situated.

This journey include two very long bus journies.
This first to Otavalo was better than expected despite being trapped into our seats by bags!

When finally at Otavalo a group of us set off to get the last DIY bits for the school. Once again the problem was language. But once again John and Catherine sorted it out.

Before our next bus arrived we just had time to buy some presents such as glue and pens for the school children. Anneka being such a good person ended up helping behind the counter!

Waiting in Otovalo
Waiting for the bus with our bags

On the second bus to Apuela we found out what a packed bus was truely like.
- from men with unbelieveable B.O to an old lady practicaly sitting on Nicola’s lap.

Yasmin however had a better journey, meeting two children a boy who was 7 and a a girl who was 4 and who sat on her lap.

Family on the Coach to ApuellaGirl on the Coach to Apuella

The journey for those next to a window wasn’t quite as good as we were able to see how close we were to the edge and how steep the drop was down.

When we arrived we met Elliot who took us up to the school where we were going to stay at and help in. Walking round the little town we saw a totaly different side to Ecuadorian life, compared to Quito.

That night we went to the towns festival of crowning a Queen, though who actually won was rather confusing to find out.

Our first nigh in Apuela was one with too much noise because the festival carried on late into the night.

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