Sunday 23rd July – Apuela


Sunday 23 `inches` Chris

Today was our lucky day we got up at 8 which is realy late. We had our breakfast and saw a huge moth so Stephan (bi) shit himself.
Then we found a rock hard football to play with that ripped the top of my toe nail off and had a small match with the local kids.

Football match with local Ecuadorians

Later on we had a match with the other World Challenge team which got really competitive but we finally lost 1- 0 on penalties after it finished 3-3.

At 3 we went to see bull fight we weren’t sure what to expect but had heard stories of people getting mangled the day before. It started off a bit dull but then a fat drunk guy got in and got hit really hard and then got up and got hit again.

Video of bullfighting

In the evening we hit our lowest point so far but it was sorted out by a group which helped raise our spirits to end what I though was a the best day so far.

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