Buildup & 1st Day

All of us have arrived safely, including James, who has not been having the most of luck since cutting his foot on the floor on buildup day (Wed 19). He was taken to A&E, and was fixed up good. He then lost his video camera at Heathrow!

Luckily for us, he is in good humour about it all LOL (he has insurance on the camera :) ).

Buildup day yesterday (Wed 19th) was quite busy. We got through a lot of stuff like medical info, team rules, team roles, packing and repacking etc. We still had time to chill out which was cool :D

Dave doing the high jump:
Dave doing the high Jump

We gottup at 2:30am today (Thur 20th), and left for the airport about 3:30am, waving bye to James’ extremely dedicated parents & girlfriend, who had gottup to see him off!

We flew Iberian airways to Madrid. On boarding the Plane we saw Prof Robert Winston! The plane was quite cramped, but the journey was short and aircon good, so no-one really minded.

Madrid airport outclasses heathrow by miles! It’s really modern with a cool shuttlebus and automatic luggage transfet and a really cool shiny architecture (think curved wooden lattice ceiling, stainless steel and glass floor).

There was a bit of chaos when they changed the gates for the plane to Quito (Ecuador’s Capital) and we had to dash to make it in time for the plane! 22pp1 with hats, WCE shirts and daysacks runnin up escalators what a sight!

That flight was 11 hours – quite gruelling! However we managed to pass the time chatting, sleeping, playing UNO, and chatting with some friendly Ecuadorian folks.

Getting there:
Wing from the WindowMatt on the planeAirplane Food QuoteAirplane Food...StefanPlaying UnoLand!Alex J playing Rock, Scissor, Paper, Stone, SLAPNicolita
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We (some of us) even managed to meet Robert Winston, who kindly posed for photos and wrote a note in our Journal. Cool!

Upon arrival at Quito, the bags were stuffed into a couple of minibuses and driven to the Hostel.

Hostel Posada Del Maple:
Posada Del Maple at night

View on the streetThe Dining RoomANIM: Messing around in Quito

It’s quite a nice place in a unusually quiet street, that seems quaint compared to its more urban surroundings. Pizza for tea again (had it for buildup day). Was much better than the stuff we got on buildup tho!

Tomorrow (Friday 2lst) we will again be busy collecting/buying kit and food we will need for our project phase, delivering out embassy pack, picking up maps and possibly a chance for a bit of leisure as well.

All told we’re having a great time!
Everyone’s tired but in good spirits.

Might be able to post tomorrow…

Nite all.

Ps Ecuador is -5hours or 6, the time here is 10pm, there now it is about 5am!

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