Monday 24 July – Apuela

Monday 24th – Louise

Today everyone was happier after the night before! Everyone put a lot of effort in to make the day go well. Catherine was leader and did a wicked job.

First we set off on a walk up a really steep zigzaggy hill by our campsite. James did overcome his fear of heights and everyone showed we could work as a team when people struggled.


Matt found a lot of insects which were very alike.

When we got to the top we ate then stayed to play with the children who were really excited to meet us especially when John gave them sweets.

Personally it was my favourite part of the trip so far.

Here are a few peoples comments:

Yasmin teaching Duck Duck Goose
I was extremely moved and excited as well as proud of the team – it was wicked good fun teaching them games like duck duck goose and It.

- Yasmin

Today has been the best day so far. It started off with a long trek up the mountain which was very rewarding when we got to the top. To our amazement there was a school up there and all the children were fasinated by us and our cameras, and stole Stephans game boy. Later we played games with them which was really fun. Their favourite was duck duck goose which was brilliant. Then when the bell went and the kids went back to class we were all a bit upset. Finally we had to make the long and dangerouse trek down and I saw lots of massive spiders. Great!

- Matthew [insert snake sig here]

Ecuadorian plays Duck Duck Goose

The trek down was hard & everyones feet hurt but we washed in the stream then came back to start our project work. We began by sanding & painting the dividers between the classes. After we were knackered so ate, had a quick meeting & slept. But it was really hot.


X Louise X

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