Tuesday 25th July (9:05pm) – Apuela

Gazzat writes:

haha the alarms went off at 6am to get up for 7:30. Needless to say we weren’t up until nearly 8 which was fine because Alex D (today leader) planned to actually start at 8. Clever planning!

*Random comment – Everyone is getting annoyed with how long it takes the tarangias (cookers ) to boil the water for food. Especially the boys who had to wait ages for their rice to cook last night and not having enough cookers sucks too*

The day has been very busy, everyone painting, sanding, nailing, sawing etc. All of us have got ridiculously mucky and have paint all over clothes and/or hair, skin (especially Catherine!).

We were a little bit worried turning up at the restaurant looking like decorators, but they were probably just happy to have 19 customers!

After all that work we were all too tired to cook and wanted some real food. And what a bargain!

We got back from the restaurant at about 9pm and on stepping out, we instantly noticed the brilliantly clear night which is just stunning. You can make out the outline of the hill either side an the amazingly bright stars.

A few of us decided to sleep outdoors me included so we are laying in the middle of a school field/playground in Ecuador admiring the stars and chatting.

I am writing this sitting here under the stars by the light of an annoying street light which is the only thing spoiling the view (and will probably keep us awake!).

Unbelievable to think this is the end result of a 18month long journey! And that we still have so much cool stuff left to do.

Shooting Stars !
[hand drawn pic]

Ps James has the shitz!
13 times :(

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