Tuesday 25th July – Apuela

Catherine’s entry

Well sleep last night was pretty poor cos someone *coughs* (Louise) cept kicking me in the head ‘accidentally’, but the day has been another brilliant one.

We started painting classroom divisions + teachers desks @ 8, with breaks for lunch, and sacrificed our planned trip to local hot springs so that everything would be ready for the kids return to school tomorrow.

Hard at work repairing boardsSanding down the boards

I am really pleased because I learnt to mix/thin paint today, something I’ve never done before. However in the process I have managed to stain my hands with grey-ish paint (which no amount of paint thinner will remove), thus earning the nickname corpse-girl, and resulting in many odd lookcs from locals. Ah well, it’ll come off ewith the skin… in about 3 weeks.

Today we treated ourselves in a restauraunt meal which was delicous + only $1.50 per head. Afterwards a few of us socialised with some local children which was very enjoyable.

All in all a great Day.

ED’s Entry

What a brilliant day! The satisfaction of a job well done is unbelieveable. The team worked like a well oiled machine and churned out 15 sanded and painted divisions for the school classrooms, and did some other jobs, like fixing the baskedball nets.

Richard Fixing Basketball hoop

We then got ready for dinner and had a proper meal (no pasta and sauce of your choice for us today). Chicken, rice, chips and veg! Yum! Then we came back where I am sitting now, under the stars, writing this entry.

Most memorable comments of my day:

“I Hacked into the school computer system”

- GazzaT on being asked about one of the most reckless/daring things he has ever done.

“I am pregnant”

- Charlie telling an Ecuadorian in spanish about a little problem he has.


The Ecuadorians hail Chris as their new King!

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