Update & Preparing for Project Phase

In Quito.
Well we have been having fun. We paid for our guides, got the maps, some meths for our stoves, picked up some more kit etc. For lunch, we stopped at a cafe which was interesting becuase our Spanish was waaay inadaquate, but luckily a cool dude translated for us. About half of us ordered fish and chips. and ended up with soggy chips and an entire fish including head. Most of us had a good go of it, but it freaked some of us out (the boys more than the girls lol).

We went shopping for our food for the next week and couldn’t believe how cheap it was! It was like $58 for loads and loads of food (wer having trouble packing it all!) we reckon in England it would have cost about 100 pounds or more!


Won’t be able to post for a while, we are just about to embark on our project phase in a small village so ther prob wnt be computers or internet. We will be working in a high school and doing som woodwork which will be interesting since none of us have much woodwork experience.

Oh well. We’v got a long two bus rides to go, and iv gotta pack.

Bit worried about me GazzaT leading today, cos its gonna get hectic with all the people and buses (EDIT: And huge sheets of plywood, paint and thinner, see pic below) to make sure everythigs ok!

Buying shizzle
Me ‘leading’ the DIY purchases
The gang hauling the plywood back to the coachstation

Oh well.

Buenos Dias to you all!
(Goes off to pack and make packed lunch)

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