Trek & Hostel

We started the Inca Trek from a primary school.

Kellie and Karina's Hike through a farm
Kellie’s menagerie

Shaving without a Mirror Ed, master tent constructer
Teamwork Ed putting up our tent

We spent a day hiking, and got to our campsite about 3-4pm, then spent an hour doing lazing about and eating lunch. Obviously the mules had beat us there with our bags.

Eventually we pitched our tents and got on with some work (digging the loo). As the sun set about 6pm it got very cold. We had pasta and Mc Dougles for tea. Some of us went on a walk up the cliff of the valley to explore a cave. In the end the cave was tiny, but there was a cool hay hut which we checked out, and there were some high rocks to pose for photos on!

Guys in the Hay House
Guys in the hay house…
Alex D and his Hay Hangout On top of the World Charles, King of the Hill
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We went to bed about 7pm! Nothing much else to do you see.
We were woken up in the morning by Chris who was leader that morning shortly before 630am and it was freezing. Porridge for breakfast, and my tent were the slowest at getting moving packed up ready for the days trek.

Finally we moved off (9am!) and spent half the day trekking before stopping about 12pm for a break. Unfortunately it turned out to be a very long break because one of our members had the symptoms of altitude sickness. After much debate, the plug was pulled since we needed to get down to ensure their wellbeing.

travelling back to Cuenca
Going back to Alusi
ANIMATION: Charles & Alex Brappin ANIMATION: Charles & AlexANIMATION: Charles & Alex Driveby
Alex & Charles break it down in Alusi

So we went back to Alusi, and stayed there a night, our ill teamate was given some Oxygen and declared fine.
Next day we took a 4hour coach journey to Cuenca, where we are staying for a few days. Cuenca is the third biggest city in Ecuador i think, and the home of guinea pig food and panama hats. I was impressed at the bus station in Cuenca by a clean toilet with soap
and towel for only 10c !

We then accidentally ended up at the wrong hostel (two with identical names, one a Hotel, the other a Hostel), then traipsed over to the right one (its a lot cheaper) only to find out that its a bit minging (slang for nasty) and i don’t think anyone wants to use the showers.

Meanwhile the girls have a much nicer establishment round the block! Oh well. Its a bed and its com& even if we do need our sleeping bags! LOL

Tomorrow we plan to take a day trip to the inca ruins anyway. so we havent lost out on anything but the camping and cold mornings with rubbish food (our tent hadn’t bought enuf anyway doh!)

After that we have a long about 8-11hr bus ride to Maccas to start our Jungle phase which is the second to last bit!

How time flies!

Gonna be fun!
Adios Amigos!

Might be a while b4 i get to write again..

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