Now all but one of the original posts written on Expedition are back up, you might think it’s all over, but hold your horses!

I’ve still got a bit of work to do. Team journal is being written up, i still need to put pics into some posts, and fix the spelling errors caused by the OCR (there are some really terrible posts I noticed :( ).

* Update: *
Have added pictures to FIVE pages sofar:

  1. Trek & Hostel (7th August 2006) [WORK IN PROGRESS]
  2. Today (3rd August 2006)
  3. Update & Preparing for Project phase (22nd July 2006)
  4. Buildup & First Day (21st July 2006)
  5. Today (8th Aug 2006)

Kid playing, Karina doing her thing...;)ChrisDave's Meat feastCharles DancingJOKES!Forget the riceEd, Reigning champ of Air Hock!Where's Edwardo?
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More to come, check back!

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