2009 January Update

Wahey I’ve finally got a copy of the team diary.

I’ve gotta check with the team, but with their agreement I’ll post the team diary here. I’ve written up two entries already, but you can’t access them yet :P

Here’s a screenshot of the 2nd entry:

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  1. Please Leave me sum comments ppl!
    i wanna feel loved lol.
    You donn’t have to register to comment!

    Quote | Posted Fri January 9 2009, 14:38

  2. HEYYA. This is quite a gd idea, well done Gazza T x

    Quote | Posted Sat January 10 2009, 20:10

  3. thanks Louise! :)
    I have hidden this post so that the diary shows up.

    Quote | Posted Mon January 12 2009, 2:56

  4. It is interesting to read your Blog. Hehe!

    Quote | Posted Fri February 6 2009, 10:06

  5. doooo it gazza, the sample looks good…i want more!!!!

    Quote | Posted Sat February 7 2009, 14:35

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